The blogs I follow

I like to read, and I read a lot. But now with the time constraints I am not able to read novels. So I started following blogs. Within few days my list increased and is still increasing day by day.  I have started liking this blogging world and all the bloggers I am following.

These are the blogs and the wonderful people who are writing those blogs, who have inspired me to write my own blog.

Whenever I read these blogs there is an urge to write something, and therefore I want to dedicate my blog to all these wonderful bloggers.

Here are some of the blogs which I follow ‘religiously’

  • TPPL

She writes so honestly and so innocently. One of the girls with purest heart I have ever e-met. I am reading her blog for over a year now and she is like a little sister to me (in my head as I don’t comment or connect to her).

But every time she writes a happy post I become happy. If she posts some problems in her life I become sad and unknowingly she is there in my prayers that day. I then desperately wait for her to post something on her page which will tell me that she is now doing fine. The happiest moment was when she announced that she is expecting. Congratulations gal. God bless you and PK.


  • OHW (now SHW)

She is like my reflection, no I am not kidding. Her story is so much like mine. Whatever she writes I can so much relate to it. I found her blog through TPPL and thanks TPPL for the blog. Sometimes I feel weak and then when I read a post from OHW I get assured that whatever decision I have taken is the best and life is beautiful again. I have never commented on your blog but thank you so much OHW for being such a guiding friend.


  • Smita

This is the first blog which I added to my Google Reader (oh, the good old days of Google Reader). And from here through the comments I entered the world of bloggers. Thanks a ton Smita for this.

I like this girl. She is witty and frank. She can put her thoughts in such a firm way that it gives you the courage to do the same.

Silliest example is she likes Salman Khan, even I do like him. But I never used to say it (loud) for obvious reasons (the legal cases, his past affairs n his abusive nature etc)

So I used to just keep quiet. But the way she tells the world about her love for Salman I tried expressing in a closed friends’ group and then I realized that it does not matter what people think about your stand, it’s more important to put forward your stand (and then stand by it!)

Thanks for the confidence which you have given me to express your heart out without worrying about people’s reactions!


  • Tina

First intercultural blog I started to follow. She is one lovely lady. I like the way she presents her life and both the cultures.


  • Alexandra

I happened to this blog from Tina’s. I am so glad that I found this. She is very true to her heart. I used to fear telling the world that I not “always happy to be a mommy” there are times when I used to be stressful and used to blame myself for not being the mommy the world expect me to be.

After reading her blog I realized that every mom goes through it and every mom longs to be herself again. Thanks for helping me out when I was on the path of depression.


  • Lauren

The one thing I liked was she has married a maharashtrian guy and I am too a maharashtrian. So it feels like she is actually my sister-in-law. Sorry Lauren if you don’t want to be related to me but it’s all in my head only so not to worry. Another thing I like is she is from UK and I love London the most. (I have my reasons for that, but not to be disclosed here)



And now the newest love of my life! And I mean it; I am seriously in love with this lady!

  • Ameena

Where should I start? The wittiest person on the internet! She can make you giggle, laugh, laugh out loud. In simple words, I want to be like her.

I want to entertain my audience the way she does!

After having baby, I always used to think “I had a life”. It’s not like I am not liking this phase but I am missing my earlier life too. After reading her blog posts I realized life doesn’t end with baby, you can have your life and still enjoy your motherhood.

But that’s not the only reason I like her. Let me confess I not only like her I am in love with her. When you start reading her blog I bet you, you will end up spending days reading only that.

It is better than all the books which I have read recently. She is that good.

I have a habit of adding smileys after every sentence. And then when I read her blog I realized you can be expressive even without adding those smileys. The words you write should do it for you.

I repeat I really want to be just like her.

If anything sounds offensive, let me know Ameena, I will delete it. But this is what I really feel.



Hello world

welcome to my blog.

for last few years I am following some 40 odd blogs, and every blog has always inspired me to write something.

but for some reason never thought of it seriously (to be honest, I never thought anyone will read my blog :p)

Today is a different day!

last night i was awake for most of the night and realized that I have so much to say, all random things, which I want to share with this world (mostly unknown world :D)

So decided to start  a new blog.

Hope I will be regular here and let’s hope I can write something worth reading.

Now something about the name.

As u can guess my name is Radha, (on a side note: and I am in my early 30s.)

why Wilder? because wild is not enough to define my wildness 🙂

oh, now you are thinking I am wilder than wild and still there is a “nest”?

oh yeah! why? because I have a small nest lovingly known as “J’s home”. I am trying my best to build a nest for my little one who very innocently thinks that I am the one who has the ability to do so :P

So here I am ready to start this journey in the hope to create a space worth your little time.

Once again welcome to Radha’s world.

– Yours lovingly